Compass Pro Melange Laundry Emulsifier - 10L


Biodegradable emulsifier, containing specially selected surface active agents, which break down and disperse heavy oils and grease from garments.

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The Compass Pro Melange Laundry Emulsifier is a high-performance, concentrated cleaning solution engineered for exceptional garment care. Formulated with a precise blend of surface-active agents, this emulsifier effectively targets and disperses heavy oils and grease that cling to clothing, ensuring thorough cleaning for both whites and colours.

This emulsifier comes in a single 10-litre bottle, providing an extensive supply for multiple laundry cycles. Its concentrated nature ensures a potent cleaning action, making it suitable for commercial laundry facilities, hospitality industries, and individual households seeking a powerful, reliable solution for challenging stains.

Tailored for professional garment care, the specially selected surface-active agents work together to break down tough oils and grease without compromising fabric integrity. This results in a thorough clean while helping to maintain the quality, colour, and texture of garments over time.

The Compass Pro Melange Laundry Emulsifier is an ideal choice for those seeking a robust cleaning solution that offers efficient stain removal without compromising on fabric quality, making it an essential asset for comprehensive garment care.

Volume (Ltr): 10
Packing: Single unit of 1 x 10 Litre Bottle


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