About The Cleaning Collective

Born on the Yorkshire coast

Nestled on the captivating Yorkshire coast, The Cleaning Collective takes pride in providing invaluable assistance for all your cleaning supply requirements. Whether you seek provisions for a sprawling chain of nationwide offices or simply desire to amass a comprehensive stockpile for your domestic tidying endeavors, our dedicated team is here to cater to your every need. As the ultimate destination for both domestic and commercial cleaning products as well as janitorial essentials, we proudly offer a wide-ranging selection that covers all facets of your cleaning routine.

Our unwavering mission revolves around the seamless accessibility of domestic and commercial cleaning products, making them readily available to you with utmost convenience. We wholeheartedly comprehend the arduous nature of managing a bustling business while juggling the demands of everyday life. Thus, we have curated an extensive collection of cleaning supplies, all of which can be effortlessly accessed through our user-friendly online store. Through this efficient platform, we endeavor to simplify your shopping experience, saving you invaluable time and effort in locating and procuring the precise products you require.

Your Premier Destination for Ethically Sourced Cleaning Supplies

Our ambition is to be the premier destination for all your cleaning and hygiene supply needs. At the heart of our operations are ethically sourced products, which form the foundation of everything we do. We firmly believe in upholding responsible practices throughout our supply chain, ensuring that the products we offer meet the highest ethical standards. By prioritizing ethically sourced products, we aim to set a benchmark for the industry and contribute to its overall improvement, benefiting customers, suppliers, and the community at large.

Our Standards. Your Guarantee.

Our unwavering dedication lies in raising the standards of the cleaning and hygiene industry. Through our commitment to excellence, we strive to redefine what customers can expect from a supplier. By maintaining rigorous quality control measures and actively seeking out innovative and sustainable solutions, we aim to drive positive change within our industry. We firmly believe that by continuously improving the standards, we can create a healthier, safer, and more environmentally conscious future for everyone involved.

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Our extensive range of home cleaning supplies showcases a variety of innovative products explicitly crafted to conquer the most challenging cleaning tasks in residential settings.

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Business Specific

Professional cleaning supplies

Simplifying procurement is our mission, enabling you to concentrate on your core business strengths with the confidence of effortless access to the cleaning and janitorial supplies you require.

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Reseller Friendly

Making product research easy

With a deep understanding of the significance of product research for wholesalers, we have developed a seamless and user-friendly platform that offers intuitive search options.

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