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HG Rust Remover - 500ml

SKU: 176050106/1
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(£6.95 Save £1.95) £5.00 Inc VAT (£4.17 Ex VAT)
SKU: 176050106/1

HG Rust Remover removes rust without the need for sanding, and allows the metal to be varnished straight after treatment.


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(£6.95 Save £1.95) £5.00 Inc VAT (£4.17 Ex VAT)
Stock level: 0
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De-rusting metal has never been so fast and easy. The effective rust remover works by simply submerging or brushing the product with the solution, avoiding the need for sanding. It can be used on surfaces such as fences, garden tools, tools, ice skates, bolts and nuts. The rust dissolver evaporates slowly and therefore stays active and working over a long period of time. The product’s anti-rust properties also mean that the metal can be varnished straight away after the treatment.

Key features and benefits:

- De-rusts metal without the need for sanding

- Active, long-lasting anti-rust effect

- Can varnish the metal straight after treatment

How to use:

1. Remove any loose rust before using the product

2. Wear rubber or plastic gloves when using the product

3. Dilute 500 ml of the product with 2.5 litres of clean, cold water

4. If small enough, immerse the rusted object in the solution (ensuring that it is fully submerged)

5. If the object is too big to submerge, DO NOT DILUTE THE PRODUCT

6. Instead, apply the product directly onto the rusted object with a brush

7. Leave the product to work for between 10 minutes and 12 hours (dependent on the amount of rust)

8. Rinse the object thoroughly with clean, cold water

9. Dependent on the amount of rust, repeat the above method

Take caution with the following:

- The product can cause severe skin burns and eye damage, so keep product well away from eyes and skin

- Always read the label before use


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