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Finish Rinse & Shine Aid 400ml - Individual

SKU: 320979/1
Availability: 24
SKU: 320979/1

Finish Rinse Aid & Shine Aid are a must if you want truly sparkling glasses and dishes. Each wash Rinse & Shine Aid gets to work leave your glasses and dishes free from water spots and streaks.

£2.30 Inc VAT (£1.92 Ex VAT)
Availability: 24
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By using Finish Rinse & Shine Aid in your dishwasher you can expect better cleaning results than by just using detergent alone.

The special formulation prevents food and drink from sticking to your dishes at the end of a cycle and prevents any water spots or streaks from forming on the items you're washing. This means that every time you run a wash you can be confident that your dishes and glasses will be optimally clean and sparkly! As rinse aid disperses the water droplets that land on your kitchenware, items also come out of the cycle dry.

To use this product, fill the rinse aid chamber on your dish washer, and keep this topped up. Your machine may even have a red light that blinks, telling you when to refill.

Key Product Detail

Volume (ml): 400
Number of washes: 1 bottle provides enough rinse aid for 80 washes Packing: Single 400ml bottle


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