Toilet Cleaning

Toilet Duck - 5in1 - Liquid Pine - 750ml

From £1.45 Inc VAT (£1.21 Ex VAT)
Allows you to penetrate and get rid of limescale, powering through difficult stains  

DomestosToilet Block - 3 in 1 Power - Ocean

From £0.90 Inc VAT (£0.75 Ex VAT)
Ocean-scented toilet block for long-lasting fragrance and limescale prevention.  
Powerful toilet cleaner that leaves your toilet clean stain-free in 1 minute!  

Astonish Toilet Bowl Cleaner - (10 Tablets Per Pack)

From £1.70 Inc VAT (£1.42 Ex VAT)
Wake up to a fresh and germ free toilet bowl  

Toilet Duck - Discs - Lavender

From £2.40 Inc VAT (£2.00 Ex VAT)
Toilet cleaner that continues to clean with a non-germy cage.  

Robert Scott Loowy Silicone Toilet Brush

£22.80 Inc VAT (£19.00 Ex VAT)
The future of toilet brushes, the Loowy has a flexible waveform blade that is antibacterial, quick drying and designed to remain clog-free.