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Finish Dishwasher Salt - 1kg

SKU: 913378/1
Availability: 15
SKU: 913378/1

Finish dishwasher salt effectively softens waters to boost cleaning performance of your dishwasher


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Availability: 15
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Finish dishwasher salt gives you 100% better machine protection for your dishwasher. Dishes should be washed with soft water for best results, so it’s especially recommended to use salt if you are in an area with hard water, (hard water is water with a high mineral content) as Finish dishwasher salt works to help prevent limescale deposits and protects your dishwasher by softening water, when used in conjunction with the softening unit within the machine. Not only does it provide protection to the dishwashing machines but also prevents staining and water marks accruing on dishes and glasses.

Whereas other dishwash salts may contain impurities that can damage the anti-cal unit of your dishwasher, Finish designs their dishwash salt with 99% purity to ensure the best protection.

Why not try…Finish dishwasher tablets and Finish rinse aid, to make sure your machine is running at the best possible performance and cleaning to a high standard

How To Use

Fill the tank with salt, always following dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions

Check the salt level often to ensure best performance and keep the tank filled with Finish salt

Top tip: rather than pre-rinsing, scrape plate before loading into the dishwasher

Load the dishwasher to capacity, but don’t over fill as this will prevent the dishwasher cleaning thoroughly

Try the 50 degree or lower temperature programs

Run machine as normal

Safety Warnings

Do not ingest

If product is ingested, seek medical advice immediately

Keep out of reach of children

Key Product Details

Weight (kg): 1

Packing: Individual packet


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