Hard Surfaces

Disinfectant formula that kills 99.9% of common bacteria that are harmful to animals and humans.  

Cif Cream Cleaner - Lemon - 500ml

From £1.10 Inc VAT (£0.92 Ex VAT)
A great all-purpose cream cleaner for removing 100% of tough stains.  

Elbow Grease All Purpose Cleaner - 500ml

From £1.10 Inc VAT (£0.92 Ex VAT)
Multi-purpose degreaser for all surfaces – fabrics, kitchens and bathrooms, engines and machinery.

Elbow Grease Glass Cleaner - 500ml

From £1.05 Inc VAT (£0.88 Ex VAT)
Streak-free glass cleaner with vinegar for windows and mirrors  

Mr Sheen Polish - Express Mist Spring Meadow - 345ml

From £1.35 Inc VAT (£1.13 Ex VAT)
Mr Sheen Spring Meadow Polish for many surfaces, in a propellant-free spray bottle  

Mr Sheen Polish - Original - 300ml

From £1.45 Inc VAT (£1.21 Ex VAT)
Multi surface polish with a unique formula that traps and lifts dust  

Mr Sheen Polish - Spring Fresh - 300ml

From £1.45 Inc VAT (£1.21 Ex VAT)
Dust contains hidden nasties such as dead skin cells, dried saliva, and decaying insect waste. These tiny particles are food for dustmites and make the surfaces in your home u...

Pink Stuff - Miracle Cream Cleaner - 500ml

£1.70 Inc VAT (£1.42 Ex VAT)
This mild abrasive cleaner removes stains, grease and grime from hard surfaces.

Pledge Enhancing Polish Beautify It Lavender 250ml

From £1.65 Inc VAT (£1.38 Ex VAT)
Pledge Beautify It Enhancing Polish Lavender is a furniture spray that helps to improve and maintain the appearance of sealed hard surfaces.  

Polish - Brasso Liquid - 1L - Individual

£27.45 Inc VAT (£22.88 Ex VAT)
1L Brasso liquid polish suitable for brass, copper, pewter and chrome.

1000ml Peek Polish

£21.95 Inc VAT (£18.29 Ex VAT)
Polishes, cleans, and protects on a multitude of surfaces. Whilst also removing a variety of issues such as smoke damage, food stains, and black marker.

Polish - Peek - 100mls

From £4.40 Inc VAT (£3.67 Ex VAT)
Highly concentrated blue paste formula capable of removing tarnish, heat discolouration and oxidation from all metal surfaces.