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Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner - Pomegranate & Raspberry - 750ml

SKU: 428187/1
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From £1.25 Inc VAT (£1.04 Ex VAT)
SKU: 428187/1

Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner leaves your home hygienically clean with a fruity pomegranate and raspberry aroma.

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From £1.25 Inc VAT (£1.04 Ex VAT)
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Stock level: 81
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Introducing the Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner, a product that is designed to ensure your surfaces are not just clean, but hygienically clean. This isn't your average surface cleaner, it's our Special Aromatic Edition, a unique blend of powerful antibacterial agents and enticing aromas that will leave your home feeling fresh and fruity.

The Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner is more than just a cleaning product. It's a promise of cleanliness and hygiene, a guarantee that your surfaces will be free from bacteria and germs. But it doesn't stop there. This cleaner also infuses your home with a delightful aroma that is sure to impress. Imagine the sweet and tangy scent of pomegranate mixed with the refreshing scent of raspberry filling your home. It's a sensory experience that is as pleasing to the nose as it is effective in cleaning.

What sets the Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner apart from other cleaning products is its unique formula. It's not just about killing germs and bacteria, it's about doing it in a way that is safe for you and your family. This cleaner is free from harsh chemicals and toxins, making it a safe choice for homes with children or pets. Plus, it's easy to use. Simply spray it on the surface, let it work its magic, and then wipe it off. It's that simple.

But the Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner isn't just about practicality, it's about enjoyment too. Cleaning doesn't have to be a chore, it can be an experience. With this cleaner, you're not just getting rid of dirt and grime, you're also infusing your home with a delightful aroma that will make you look forward to cleaning. The enticing scent of pomegranate and raspberry is a refreshing change from the harsh, chemical smells of other cleaners. It's a scent that lingers, leaving your home smelling fresh and fruity long after you've finished cleaning.

So why choose the Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner? Because it's a cleaner that does more. It cleans, it disinfects, it deodorizes, and it does it all with a delightful aroma that turns cleaning from a chore into a pleasure. It's a cleaner that you can trust, a cleaner that you can enjoy, and most importantly, a cleaner that works.

Experience the difference with the Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner. Experience the satisfaction of knowing that your surfaces are hygienically clean. Experience the delight of a home that smells fresh and fruity. Experience the joy of a cleaner that makes cleaning enjoyable. Try the Astonish Antibac Surface Cleaner today and discover a new way to clean.


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