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The Pink Stuff Toilet Cleaner Gel - 750ml

SKU: 401505/1
Stock level: 66
From £1.35 Inc VAT (£1.13 Ex VAT)
SKU: 401505/1

The Pink Stuff Toilet Cleaner Gel is a high-performing toilet cleaner, designed to kill germs and remove tough stains, whilst remaining easy to use, requiring minimal effort to leave your toilet sparkling.

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From £1.35 Inc VAT (£1.13 Ex VAT)
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Stock level: 66
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The Pink Stuff Toilet Cleaner Gel is all that you need to leave your toilet looking brand new. The thick cleaning gel has been purposely developed to cling to the toilet bowl surface, ensuring that 99.9% of bacteria is killed and your toilet is left free of germs. Even better, applying the gel to the toilet bowl regularly (approximately 3 times per week) will help to reduce any limescale build up. The foaming action of the product works to clean above and below the water line and is sure to leave a fresh, fruity and pleasant smell. Produced from natural ingredients rather than harsh and damaging chemicals, this product is also suitable for vegans. Described by users as a ‘great’ product that ‘works well’, The Pink Stuff Toilet Gel will leave your toilet bowl sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

How to Use The Pink Stuff Toilet Cleaner Gel

  1. Squirt the toilet gel around the rim of the toilet bowl, ensuring there is enough gel to cover the whole of it
  2. Allow the gel to run down the whole of the bowl and work its magic
  3. Use a toilet brush to agitate and scrub any stains
  4. Flush the toilet

Product Safety

Take caution with the following:

  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • If the product comes into contact with skin, wash thoroughly
  • It is recommended that people with sensitive skin should wear gloves when using this product


Contains among other ingredients: <5% Non-ionic surfactants, Disinfectants. (100g contains: 0.8g Benzalkonium Chloride). Also contains Perfume


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