Dispenser - FMX - Gojo - Individual

£12.60 Inc VAT (£10.50 Ex VAT)
Manual dispenser for hand soap with high capacity (1250ml). Wall mounted.

Dispenser - LTX7 - Gojo - Foam - Individual

£57.30 Inc VAT (£47.75 Ex VAT)
Compact, touch-free foam soap dispenser. Intuitive sight window allows for ease of checking on the remaining foam in the product.

Dispenser - ADX7 - Gojo - Manual - Chrome & Black

From £13.65 Inc VAT (£11.38 Ex VAT)
Compactly designed which aids its use in confined areas. Easy to monitor through the sight window.

Dispenser - ADX7 - Gojo - Manual - White - Individual

From £13.65 Inc VAT (£11.38 Ex VAT)
Sleek and slim design hand push soap dispenser with high capacity.
Touch free dispenser for ease of use. High capacity dispenser that is perfect for high traffic areas.
1250ml dispenser which is perfectly suited for high traffic areas. Sight window ensures that monitoring the capcity of the product is simple.

Dispenser - Alphamous - Black - Individual

£12.60 Inc VAT (£10.50 Ex VAT)
Sleek and modern design, 350ml dispensing system. Ability to lock the system for additional security and inspection window ensures simple monitoring.
400ml capacity dispenser. Great to use in high traffic areas.

Dispenser - Pro TDX 2000 - Individual

£24.05 Inc VAT (£20.04 Ex VAT)
Ideal dispenser for production, tool room, distribution and maintainence areas. Suitable for use with the GOJO hand cleaner.
A sturdy, compact 400ml stainless steel soap dispenser that is lockable for additional security.

Evans Vanodine Bulk Fill Foaming Dispenser

£32.00 Inc VAT (£26.67 Ex VAT)
Refillable foam dispenser, compatible usage with Citrus foam. 900ml capacity. 0.6ml dispensed per pump.
Cartridge dispenser for foam mousse, fits the Evans 1L foam cartridge.