Dispenser - Hand Towel - Large - Individual

£21.10 Inc VAT (£17.58 Ex VAT)
Dispenser will keep towels clean and germ free, ready for use whenever required. Suitable for all towels.
Modular hand towel dispenser that can easily distribute interleaved, C-fold, Z-fold and any extra narrow towels.
Modernly styled and elegant feel, polished steel dispenser will deliver hand towels with C-fold or multi-fold.

Dispenser - Jumbo - Individual

£25.00 Inc VAT (£20.83 Ex VAT)
Jumbo toilet tissue dispenser, manufactured to the highest possible standard of quality and designed with the customer in mind.

Dispenser - Twin Medium Jumbo - Individual

£45.35 Inc VAT (£37.79 Ex VAT)
Highest quality dispenser that holds two rolls for more efficient use. The stainless steel finish provides a hygienic look to any restroom.

Dispenser - Medium Jumbo - Individual

£21.40 Inc VAT (£17.83 Ex VAT)
The medium jumbo dispenser will serve all the washroom requirements, able to take large amounts of usage before requiring a restock.
Plastic and lockable dispenser, perfect for use with bulk packs of toilet tissues.
Compact and sturdy dispenser designed in ultra modern style with slim line lock.
Plastic, lockable dispenser. Suitable for use with all standard size centrefeed rolls.