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Domestos Thick Bleach - 750ml

SKU: 875156/1
Stock level: 127
£2.23 Inc VAT (£1.86 Ex VAT)
SKU: 875156/1

Domestos Thick Bleach is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to disinfect your toilet and other hard surfaces around your home, killing all known germs. Dead.

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£2.23 Inc VAT (£1.86 Ex VAT)
Stock level: 127
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Homeowners have been using Domestos Thick Bleach to clean their homes since 1929, helping to keep families safe for almost a hundred years. How long Domestos bleach has been around tells you everything you need to know about the product - it's a reliable product trusted by the people, killing all known germs dead. By using Domestos Thick Bleach you can be confident that you're keeping your friends and family safe for bacteria and virus, creating a hygiene, safe home!

Where Can I Use Domestos Bleach?

Domestos bleach can be used all around the home to disinfect surfaces, remove stains and prevent limescale. A versatile product, Domestos Thick Bleach can be used on a suprising number of surfaces, including toilets, drains, floors, work surfaces and even dishcloths, to help keep you and your family safer against illness:

  • Use undiluted:
    • Toilets: Apply under the rim and leave for 30 minute. For optimal long lasting protection against limescale, and to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores, apply daily.
    • Kitchen & bathroom drains: Squirt into drain to eliminate unpleasant smells and disinfect.
    • Sinks: Squirt into the plughole and overflow, and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Use diluted:
    • Floors and work surfaces: Disinfectant floors by diluting 180ml of Domestos per 5L of water.
    • Dishcloths and sponges: Dilute 90ml of Domestos in half a bucket of cold water. Rinse cloths and sponges thoroughly before use.
    • Bleaching whites: Dilute 20ml of Domestos in 5L of water and soak whites overnight. Rinse thoroughly after use.

Domestos protects your home from germs and viruses killing all known germs, dead. Domestos Thick Bleach also kills Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

How Does Domestos Bleach Kill Germs?

Bleach is an alkaline substance that typically has a pH between 11 and 13.

Domestos bleach kills bacteria by a powerful reaction that occurs when the bleach comes into contact with germs. The sodium hyperchlorite in Domestos oxidises molecules in the cells of the germs that it meets, eradicating bacteria and viruses.


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