Wall Brackets

Evans Vanodine Wall Bracket for 5L Containers

£16.00 Inc VAT (£13.33 Ex VAT)
Bracket holds a 5L container made from white plastic coated metal.
Wall bracket which neatly compliments 500ml round dispenser bottles.
Bracket holds a 1L bottle, ideally built to function with the Evans Vanodine e:dose bottle.
Bracket to hold a 500ml hand pump Evans Vanodine bottle.
Wall bracket foruse with the Evans 500ml round dispenser bottles. Very easy clean and comes with secure locking system.
Wall bracket which holds 2 x 5L bottles. White plastic coated metal, which is suitable for use with e:fill systems.

Chrome Bracket - Individual

£18.20 Inc VAT (£15.17 Ex VAT)
Single bracket that is compatible with holding 300ml bottles of Aqua Viva, Sea Spray, and Elsyl.
These lockable stainless steel bottle holders are designed to take either 250ml or 300ml hand soap bottles.