Dish & Glass Wash

Dishwash Essential is ideal for eveyday day removal of food debris from cutlery and crockery in an automatic machine.

Compass Pro Potwash Washing Up Liquid - 5L

From £4.45 Inc VAT (£3.71 Ex VAT)
Odourless washing up liquid, excellent economic use of cleaning dishes and other hard surfaces.

Evans Vanodine Q'sol Washing Up Liquid - 1L

From £3.05 Inc VAT (£2.54 Ex VAT)
Superior, highly concentrated washing up liquid with a fresh scent for the manual washing of crockery, kitchenware and utensils.

Glass Renovate - Powder - 400g

From £6.85 Inc VAT (£5.71 Ex VAT)
Powdered glass renovator for the degreasing and sterilising compound for the routine cleaning and servicing of glassware and crockery.

Glasswash - Crystal Extra - 5L

From £15.65 Inc VAT (£13.04 Ex VAT)
Crystal Extra is a strong, alkaline detergent for use with automatic dosing systems.

Granular Dishwash Salt - 25kg - Individual Bag

£11.80 Inc VAT (£9.83 Ex VAT)
Dishwash salt prevents the build-up of limescale and water marks in the dishwasher.

Compass Pro Essential Rinseaid - 5L

From £5.45 Inc VAT (£4.54 Ex VAT)
Rinse Aid for the maintenance of dishwashing machines that leave dishes clean and streak-free.

Dishwash - Adamatic - 5L

From £20.25 Inc VAT (£16.88 Ex VAT)
Adamatic is an extremely high quality dishwash detergent, suitable for removing the heaviest grease and soiling.

Dishwash - Compass Pro Optima - 5L - Case of 2

£15.00 Inc VAT (£12.50 Ex VAT)
A heavy duty formula designed for the effective removal of tannin and soil, and prevention of scale build up.

Dishwash - Hard Water - 20L - Individual

£24.00 Inc VAT (£20.00 Ex VAT)
This dishwash detergent comes in a 20 litre bottle, ideal for high usage areas. Contains caustic soda for improved efficacy.

Washing Up Liquid - Fairy - 5L - Individual

£18.30 Inc VAT (£15.25 Ex VAT)
Classic Fairy washing up liquid, formulated to lift grease, food debris and fat with ease.

Dishwash - Monarch Extra - 20L - Individual

£52.05 Inc VAT (£43.38 Ex VAT)
Super strong alkaline detergent for use in automatic machines.Eradicates bacteria, protein and starch deposits.