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Study: The Most Germ-Infested Areas of Gyms and Leisure Centres

Recent research conducted in the UK has revealed concerning findings about the hygiene levels in gym facilities, identifying gym showers and exercise mats as particularly germ-infested areas. The comprehensive study, which analysed various gym elements including exercise machines, barbells, kettlebells, exercise mats, and yoga balls, yielded concerning results.

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According to the study, exercise mats were found to be nearly eight times more contaminated than yoga balls, surpassing even the bacterial levels found on commonly touched items like dumbbells and barbells. Moreover, the tested mats exhibited alarmingly high levels of staphylococcus bacteria, indicating a potential health risk for gym-goers.

Of particular concern were gym showers, which were found to harbour over four times the bacteria found on exercise mats. Additionally, the study noted increased levels of yeast, mould, and staph in these areas. Microbiologist Keith Gull, who contributed to the study, highlighted the warm and moist environment of showers as an ideal breeding ground for microbes, emphasising the potential for viruses and fungi to thrive and pose a risk of exposure to gym users.

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While germs in other areas of the gym were considered less worrisome, Gull advised individuals with cuts or wounds to take precautions, such as covering them before engaging in workouts, to minimise the risk of infections.

The research, which examined equipment from nine gyms within three UK chains, sheds light on the importance of maintaining hygiene standards in fitness facilities to safeguard the health and well-being of gym attendees.

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