How to use Viakal for removing limescale

Are you wondering what to use to rid your bathroom of that dreaded build up of limescale? It often starts as simple water marks and after a while settles into corners until it forms a hard white build up that you just can’t scrape off. Well we’ve got the answer! 
Viakal Limescale Remover is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It safely and effectively removes built-up limescale on a variety of surfaces and is a valuable cleaning product to have on hand in your bathroom and kitchen. It not only removes those annoying limescale deposits and water marks, but it also leaves a protective barrier, reducing future build up! 

Read on to find out exactly how to use this incredible product. 

Removing Limescale from Taps 

Taps and sinks are usually the areas where limescale becomes the biggest problem. A place in the bathroom that constantly gets wet, especially when you have a busy family in and out of the bathroom all day. Limescale build ups are inevitable but they don't have to be permanent!

Spray Viakal all over your taps and sink and leave for a few minutes for it to do its work. Use a microfibre cloth to work the limescale remover into the taps and focus on places where it can build up like around the base of the tap and handles and leave for a few more minutes if needed. 

Rinse the Viakal off with water on a cloth and for the best shine, buff the tap with a dry microfibre cloth. With just a few minutes of work, your taps will be unrecognisable, and you might even be able to see your reflection! 

To reduce future build up, wipe down the sink with a microfibre cloth after every use or periodically throughout the day. It only needs to take a few seconds but will keep your taps looking shiny for weeks rather than a few days! 

Have you ever looked at the underside of your tap? You might be surprised at how much limescale there is under there. For really bad build up, especially the kind which gathers at the end of the tap, sometimes a scrub with a cloth isn’t quite enough. Try our ingenious trick to get it off. 

Get a sandwich bag or use the finger of a rubber glove. Fill a few teaspoons of Viakal (enough to cover the end of the tap you are cleaning. Place the bag over the end of the tap so that the end is submerged in the Viakal and secure with an elastic band or string. Leave it for around 20-30 minutes and the Viakal will break down the limescale. Carefully remove the sandwich bag (in case you need to put it back on for a bit or want to reuse it on another tap). Scrub with a scourer pad or an old toothbrush and the limescale build up will come away easily. Again, just make sure you regularly wipe down this area to keep future build up to an absolute minimum. 

You can also use the sandwich bag tip on shower heads. Simple use enough Viakal to cover the shower head and keep it covered for as long as needed to remove the limescale. Once the Viakal has done its job, give it a scrub using an old toothbrush and rinse off to see your shower head looking like new! 


Bring the shine back to towel rails and radiators 

Do you have a metal towel rail or radiator in your bathroom? You’ll probably agree that they look great when you first get them installed but after a while, those annoying water marks build up. If you’ve not kept on top of it, you’ll find them looking really grubby in no time. 

Get your Viakal and spray all over the towel rail or radiator and leave for a few minutes. If there are tougher build ups in corners and crevices, then get your old toothbrush out and really work it into the areas that you need to focus on. After a few minutes, use a damp cloth to rinse off the solution and then follow that with a dry microfibre cloth to buff the surface back to its former glory. You’ll find the sparkle has returned! 

The great thing about Viakal is that it leaves a protective barrier behind so reduces future build up. Just keep on top of it with a regular wipe down. If the room gets steamy give the rail a wipe down with a clean microfibre cloth and you’ll find that you can keep those pesky water marks at bay for much longer, before you need to get the trusty Viakal back out! 


Check out our Viakal how-to video

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