How to get your family to help around the house

Families- whether in a traditional sense or more non-traditional, are the foundation of society. That’s why on the 15th May every year we have an international day to recognise families. It was founded by United Nations in 1994 and celebrates the importance of families, people, societies and culture around the world. For that reason, today’s blog post is all about how to get your family to help out more with cleaning in the family home.

A lone warrior

Do you find yourself desperate for help? Frustrated and exhausted from doing everything around the house, with no help from your loved ones. You’re not alone, many people are in the same position. Follow our easy guide on how to get your family to help more around the house. Don’t think yourself as a lone warrior in the war against your messy home, devise a new plan that will put a stop to all the excuses and get your family on board and cleaning your home.

Plan your routine

If you plan to do small jobs everyday then you won’t have to have a big cleaning day and your entire weekend won’t be swallowed up trying to catch up. You’ll find that you will get a lot more done if you split the jobs up during the week and at the end of the week feel like you have accomplished more.

Draw up a rota

Draw up a rota with jobs for everyone and display it somewhere central where the whole family can see it. Use different colours, stickers, whatever you think will motivate your family to get their chores done. You can pick up whiteboard and dry wipe pens fairly cheaply, tick jobs off as you do them, giving everyone a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. (Just ensure that cheeky family members aren’t wiping jobs off without doing them).

Make cleaning fun

Your kids will probably never really enjoy cleaning and helping but it doesn’t hurt to try and make it more bearable by adding in a little fun . Try playing music, this should cheer everyone up and give them extra energy to do their cleaning. Set up a cleaning playlist with everyone’s favourite songs to avoid disagreements. You could also create games such as having the kids search for missing items in a household treasure hunt. See who can clean their room the quickest. Be creative and use your imagination, you know your family best and will know what they will enjoy. Getting the whole family involved in housework can be more fun than you imagined.

Reward schemes

Many people find that reward schemes work well, such as friends coming over or pocket money in return for doing chores. Some count this as bribery, however, as parents we are supposed to teach children to work as a team, take care of possessions and to work for nice things, so this is ideal for both teaching kids life lessons and getting your house nice and clean.

Stop picking up 

Try to resist cleaning up after your family members so often. If you’re the type who goes behind your kids picking up the trail of endless clutter they leave like bread crumbs, stop doing it. If you keep picking up after them, they’ll continue to be lazy and just assume they don’t have to do anything because you will. If your kids are old enough to clean their rooms, by all means, let them.

If you have any tips or further comments with your own experience and advice, please feel free to comment and share them with us.

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Enjoy the rest of your week

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