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Astonish Disinfectant & Cleaner - Pine - 750ml

Astonish Disinfectant & Cleaner - Pine - 750ml

SKU: 854986/1
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SKU: 854986/1

A cruelty free and vegan friendly product, Astonish Disinfectant & Cleaner helps keeps your home safe and deodorised.

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Astonish Disinfectant & Cleaner contains natural pine oil, giving you a warm fragrance cleaning product with the power to control germs and bugs, including E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria and MRSA. Formulated with natural pine oil, this product also works as a deodoriser. This product is cruelty free and suitable for vegans. Also available at a discounted rate when purchased as a case.

Where Can I Use Astonish Disinfectant & Cleaner - Pine?

Astonish Disinfectant & Cleaner is an excellent product for controlling germs and bugs, so why not use it anywhere these pathogens may be lurking? You can use Astonish Disinfectant & Cleaner on a multitude on surfaces: kitchen worktops, fridges, freezers, sinks, toilets and any other hard surface. As well as removing germs and bugs, this product also deodorises thanks to the inclusion of natural pine oil in the cleaning liquids formula. Please note, it is recommended that prior to using any cleaning product you test on an inconspicuous area of the surface that you are cleaning to ensure compatibility.

How Do I Use Astonish Disinfectant & Cleaner - Pine

Simply spray onto the area you are cleaning. Leave for 1 to 5 minutes dependant on the level of soiling and then wipe with a clean damp sponge/cloth. For the maximum level of disinfection, leave for the full 5 minutes prior to wiping. This product complies with BS EN13697 against bacteria.


Always use biocides safely. Avoid contact with food, perspex, rubber and soft plastics.

Volume (ml): 750
Fragrance: Pine
European Test Standard: EN13697
Packing: Single 750ml bottle


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